Do you spend your research time wishing you could focus on the creative?

Does the thought of having a ready-made, highly customized research document at your fingertips make you salivate?

What if that document was also structured in a way that was highly accessible – saving you additional time and effort during the creative process?

You see, I’m into win-win. And I know that my services would be ideal for people like you:

  • the business owner needing a third party, unbiased approach to developing background information;
  • the copywriter who already knows that delegation and time management are key factors in your success, or
  • the content manager who understands that budgets thrive on assigning the appropriate tasks to the people best suited.

There’s the win-win — everyone’s doing what they love! AND, the budget wins, too!

Visit The Valet Difference page to find out more about how I will work with you to optimize your time and creativity. See if your niche is in my specialities. Find out more about me. Or contact me to talk about handing over the “keys” for your next internet research project.

Valet Research — poised to assist.