Valet Research Services

We’ll start with a Research Request Document so I can get a feel for your project: its type, the product or service, related keywords, any other information you think I might need. From there, I gather information from relevant and authoritative sites and forums — just as you would — and provide you with a Research Deliverable Document. This document is structured in a way that will save you additional time during the creative process (see The Valet Difference page for more detail on my unique specialized template), and, of course, includes the source URLs and dates collected.

Valet Research is qualified to provide outstanding research in the following niches:


Corinne Dixon is a B2B copywriter, with a newly launched (2009) business. Her diverse clientele has included safety management, health insurance benefits brokerage and silviculture right through to corporate move management and graffiti removal companies. You can assign your next B2B research project to Valet Research with confidence that Corinne’s professional ethics ensure your own client relationships are honoured.

Complementary and Alternative Health/Medicine

Since 1994, Corinne has been studying complementary health modalities (including anatomy and physiology), and is certified in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, hot stone massage and Bowen Therapy, and is also a Reiki Master. Through her own journey with a metabolic disorder, she has also become well versed in nutrition and supplements, meditation and yoga.

Business and Marketing

Valet Research is Corinne’s fifth entrepreneurial effort. She has an instinct for business, marketing and trends — though not from a scholarly perspective! Her curiosity is more on the people side — what drives systems, what motivates, how humans interface with culture and society and how business is shaped as a result. Her most recent Special Report, prepared for her B2B prospects, “ROI 2.0: Why There is Unprecedented Opportunity to Supercharge Your Marketing ROI in the Emerging Economy,” can be found here.


A self-professed “course junkie,” Corinne has also read dozens of self-development books and attended many seminars in the past 20 years on transforming the human experience. She has been drawn to the realms of grief/bereavement and death and dying from a young age and volunteered on a palliative ward for three years. She is passionate about human potential and is constantly exploring new ideas to grow and evolve.

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